Cassin's Vireo, Vireo  cassinii

Cassin's Vireo, 6/4/10, Stevens Creek Park
Of the three species into which the former Solitary Vireo was split, Cassin's is intermediate in brightness of contrast between the drab Plumbeous Vireo of the southwest and the bright Blue-headed Vireo of the east.

Cassin's Vireo, 6/4/10, Stevens Creek Park

Cassin's Vireo, male, 5/17/09, Stevens Creek Park

This male Cassin's Vireo above was photographed while singing frequently near the nest occupied by the female shown in the photograph below; the nest was at eye level only a few feet off a busy trailhead in Stevens Creek Park.

Cassin's Vireo, female on nest, 5/17/09, Stevens Creek Park