Piping Plover, Charadrius melodus

Piping Plover, 6/5/06, Sandy Point, West Haven, CT
The Piping Plover is the eastern cousin of the Snowy Plover found in the west. Both nest on open beaches, laying their eggs in scoops in the sand, and both are threatened or endangered as a result of human pressure on their beach habitat.

Piping Plover, 7/9/10, Revere Beach, MA

Piping Plover, 6/5/06, Sandy Point, West Hven, CT

Piping Plover, juvenile, 7/9/10, Revere Beach, MA
The downy plumage of the chick, see below, is gradually replaced between the 15th and 30th days after hatching with the juvenal plumage
shown above.

Piping Plover, downy chick, 7/9/10, Revere Beach, MA
Birds of North American Online describes the hatchling's downy plumage as follows:  "Down white below; white collar around hind-neck. Back and upperparts of head speckled buff and grayish, spotted with blackish-brown. Forehead buff-white; speckling on crown may form dark chevron at center. Dark spots on wings and thighs. Upperparts cryptically colored, excellent camouflage against pale sand/gravel backgrounds."