Warbling Silverbill, Lonchura malabarica

Warbling Silverbill, 1/6/11, Puako, Big Island, HI
"Warbling Silverbill" is the former English name of a species since split into two, the African
Silverbill (Lonchura cantans) and Indian Silverbill or White-throated Munia (Lonchura malabarica).
The name is still used in Hawaii where these birds were first reported in the 1970s, and I
wasn't able to discover whether the Hawaiian bird was of the African or Indian species. To
confound the taxonomic confusion, some authorities recognize the Silverbill species as a
separate genus, Euodice, while others include them within the larger genus Lonchura. In any
event they are very small, cute, and melodiously vocal birds found, often in large flocks, on
the leeward side of the Big Island.

Warbling Silverbill, 1/5/11, Puako, Big Island, HI

Warbling Silverbill, 1/8/11, Puu Anaholu, Big Island, HI
This Warbling Silverbill at its nest in January was captured in this not-very-good photograph as I teetered on the narrow
outside shoulder of Highway 190 where it turns uphill into Puu Anahulu.