Plain Chachalaca, Ortalis vetula

Plain Chachalaca, 2/27/11, Williams Wildscapes, Pharr, TX
The Plain Chachalaca is a landfowl roughly of the shape and size of a pheasant, found in North America only in the southern Rio Grande Valley, at the northern limit of its range. The birds move in small groups through thick woods and underbrush, often above-ground. They are best known for the loud and raucous "cha-cha-lock" call, which gives them their common name and which they often give collectively. Males show the red gular sac, as above, during the breeding season.

Plain Chachalaca, 3/1/11, Ramirez Ranch, Roma, TX

Plain Chachalacas, 2/27/11, Williams Wildscapes, Pharr, TX