Hermit Warbler, Setophaga occidentalis

Hermit Warbler, male, 4/21/11, Rose Canyon, Mount Lemmon, AZ
Guided by my friend Dick Carlson, I was lucky enough to get my life photograph of a Hermit Warbler, the male shown above, at Rose Canyon on Mount Lemmon just north of Tucson in the spring of 2011, as he passed through Arizona in migration. These warblers are common in California, many of them nesting in the Sierras, but they are hard to see, usually foraging high in tall trees, so that in six annual summer trips to Yuba Pass I had never been able to photograph one. The summer after I took the Arizona photo above, on my seventh expedition to the Sierras, I finally got the photo below of a partly obscured Hermit Warbler, identifiable as a female by the absence of the black throat patch.

Hermit Warbler