Gray Heron, Ardea cinerea

Gray Heron, 12/9/09, Clissold Park, London, UK

The heron shown above and below was a regular visitor at the west pond of Clissold Park
during the cold and snowy December days while I was staying nearby in Islington.

Gray Heron, 12/22/09, Clissold Park, London, UK

Gray Heron at nest, with two chicks, 5/14/11, Regent's Park, London
And then in the very different weather of May 2011, a pair of Gray Herons nested virtually at eye level out in the open on the island in the main lake at Regent's Park, drawing photographers from all over Britain.

Gray Heron, with chick, adding to nest, 5/9/11, Regent's Park, London

Gray Heron, flying, 5/6/11, Regent's Park, London

Gray Heron
Finally, a wading heron in July at Kenwood House on Hampstead Heath.