Gray Hawk, Asturina nitida

4/24/11, Tanque Verde Wash at Wentworth, Tucson, AZ

Gray Hawk, first summer, 4/29/10, Tanque Verde Wash, Tucson, AZ
The bird above is apparently in the course of molting from juvenal to adult plumage in its second spring; the gray
feathers of the head and the barred chest are adult, while the brown upperpart feathering is juvenal. Like most
hawks, this species retains its juvenal plumage for its whole first year of life. The bird shown below is in its hatch-year
spring, in full juvenal plumage. Thanks to Bob Power for help with the plumage of the bird shown above.

Gray Hawk, juvenile, 4/23/09, San Pedro River Inn, Hereford, AZ