Dusky Flycatcher, Empidonax oberholseri

Dusky Flycatcher, 6/10/10, Yuba Pass summit, Sierra Co
Dusky Flycatchers nest at Yuba Pass, as do the closely similar Hammond's Flycatchers. The two species can be difficult to distinguish by songs, but their primary calls are quite different -- Dusky's "whit" and Hammond's sharper "peek". This bird came to my attention by giving the "whit" call, and its structure and appearance likewise show the standard contrasts from Hammond's, a slightly longer bill, a shorter primary extension, and a tail that appears longer. The Dusky below, photographed in the Chiricahua Mountains of Southeastern Arizona, shows the same characteristics, though I did not hear it call.

Dusky Flycatcher, 4/26/11, East Turkey Creek, eastern Chiricahuas, AZ