Bewick's Wren, Thryomanes bewickii

Bewick's Wren, male singing, 9/27/10, Salinas River NWR, Monterey Co
This bird was singing vociferously in September, well past nesting season. Bewick's Wrens are loud,
frequent, and versatile songsters. They are common in the San Francisco Bay Area, including in our
yard year-round, but they are surprisingly hard to photograph, as they move frequently and don't
readily give unobstructed views.

Bewick's Wren, carrying nesting material, 3/17/07, Ed Levin Park

1/14/07, Frenchman's Park, Stanford

Bewick's Wren, 3/4/06, Arastradero Preserve

Bewick's Wren, 8/26/08, Palo Alto Baylands
An adult showing worn plumage in late summer.